Harvey Maps for the C2C Challenge 1:40

The 40K maps in this collection are based specific areas which previous TGO Challenge competitors have identified as worthy of more detail being required for planning and competing.

A combination of these maps together with the C2C Challenge OSGB 50K map provide you with the perfect tools to plan your route for the challenge, print the maps sheets you require rather that taking bulky OS paper maps, and the ability to export gpx file for submitting to the Challenge organisers and also for uploading to your gps device.

Purchasing your maps

Purchasing a Harvey, OS, IGN or USGS Topo map from the RouteBuddy Store will enable you to use it in:

RouteBuddy for Windows or Mac OS X to plan routes, print maps*, and store recorded data on your computer, and also in:

RouteBuddy Atlas on your iOS devices. to locate and navigate whilst out and about.

*The map can easily be printed by taking screenshots in the free unlimited time demo version of RouteBuddy. Comprehensive printing options are available in the "Pro" version of RouteBuddy (purchased and licensed).

Within an hour of purchasing you will be sent a link via email to download the map for installation on your computer and, subsequently*, your iOS device.i.e. The map will not be downloaded directly to your iOS Device!

If you ONLY want the map for your iOS device(s) and wish to have the map downloaded directly to your device via WiFi, then please access our inApp Map Collections in RouteBuddy Atlas. Please note that larger maps are not available through inApp download.

On each product page there is a Google Map preview providing you with an indication of the area covered by the map. This is only meant to be a guide, you should allow for the map being +/- 2-3miles of the boundary indicated.