Regions 25K 2017

Purchasing a Harvey, OS, IGN or USGS Topo map from the RouteBuddy Store will enable you to use it in:

RouteBuddy for Windows or Mac OS X to plan routes, print maps*, and store recorded data on your computer, and also in:

RouteBuddy Atlas on your iOS devices. to locate and navigate whilst out and about.

In the free unlimited time demo version of RouteBuddy all maps can be printed by taking screenshots . Comprehensive printing options are available in the "Pro" version of RouteBuddy (purchased and licensed).


Maps purchased from the RouteBuddy store via a web browser need to be downloaded to a computer before installing on an iOS device, they will not download directly to the iOS device.


If you want to have the whole GB 25K map but don't have enough space for the whole (10GB) map on your iOS device, why not buy it as region maps?

Yes, it will cost you more than buying the map as a whole as, there is more to the creation of the region maps, each one has to be given a separate licence. If you choose to buy the bundle a discount will be applied and instead of the Region maps coming to a total of over £600, they will come to £349.99. Just choose the bundle option when you go to your basket after just adding one of the Region Maps to your basket.