REGIONMaps to be discontinued March 2016

RouteBuddy GB Region maps are a collection of 26 areas to provide you with different and more affordable options for the area you are planning to visit.

As a general guide - Regions are numbered from 1 in the North of Great Britain to 26 in the South


These maps will be removed from the store at the end of March 2016 as they have been replaced by the new Region Maps 2016 which are not based on a combination of grid squares. If you have previously bought some of these REGIONMaps and would like to complete your set of either GB25K or GB50K to give you the whole country, we will let you have the remaining regions for a very attractive price. Just contact support@routebuddy.com

RouteBuddy REGIONMaps are based upon collections of the two-letter Ordnance Survey National Grid squares, each of which cover an area of 10,000 sq.km. Each Region is made up of a combination of two or more National Grid squares.

Click (or right click to select new window or tab) on this GRIDMap link to show the location of the GB 2-letter Grid references

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