ST Grid 50K

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Price: £8.99 (£7.49 exc. VAT)

Size: 103 MB

EAN: 5055351171522

Credits: Map data © Ordnance Survey

RouteBuddy OS GRIDMaps are based on the two letter grid references used by the Ordnance Survey.

Each map encompasses the 10,000km2 covered by each Grid square, and sometimes a little bit more. However, the price of the map reflects the area of land covered by the Grid tile, so you are not paying for sea tiles!

The Google Map preview provides you with an indication of the area covered by the map. This is only meant to be a guide, you should allow for the map being +/- 2-3miles of the boundary indicated.

This product requires RouteBuddy for Windows or Mac OS X and/or Atlas for iOS to view. It cannot be used as a stand-alone product.